Sub Signup and payment

Sub Signup and Payment

In order to be a substitute for a league member, there is a fee of $25.  You may purchase sub fee coupons at Spring Swing, from any Board Member, or directly from the league coordinator.  These coupons must be given to the coordinator prior to play.  Proceeds from sub fees are invested directly back into our chapter via events like Member Appreciation.  

Please sign up for our Team App,
as we will be using this tool for communication. 

If you would like to sub on a league, please contact the coordinator and you will be added to their sub list:

Wellshire: Julie Lundquist:  email

Common Ground: Melanie Lunsford: 
Team App will be used for all Common Ground Communications. Please sign up.  It's easy.

Links:  Bonnie Bell Bond: email
City Park:  Rebecca Lawrence: email

Wellshire:  Donna Paul: email
Park Hill Golf Course: Rebecca Lawrence: email